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Cryptocurrency as a means of payment does not take place – the head Binance


Despite the annual increase in the popularity kriptovalyutnyh operations in the foreseeable future digital assets will not be able to become a full tender. Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the largest kriptovalyutnoy Exchange Binance Chanpen Zhao.

 Currently, only 0.1% of the world have assets in cryptocurrency. This amount is negligible to form a cluster – payment cryptocurrency. For this reason, sellers lose all interest for digital coins.

 Zhao believes that in order to cryptocurrency as a means of payment took place, it is necessary to carry out a consumer asset adjustment process accelerated, or the development of this area will lose all meaning. Speaking on this subject, Zhao appealed to the well-known example of the primacy – the appearance of chicken and egg. According to the expert, kriptovalyutnye assets and their popularization is related in a similar way.

 However, taking more than https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/jokerizer-online-slot/ a hundred companies worldwide as payment for goods and services cryptocurrency. Thus you can not only order food, pay for it in Bitcoins, but also use the services of a tutor, a programmer or translator. Moreover, the use cryptocurrency practiced in the segment of “premium”. Thus, the users can pay to purchase tokens, jewelry, jewelry, movable and immovable property. Previously, it was also noted that some companies in the UAE are ready to accept Bitcoins as rent for a luxury apartment.

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 The problem is that despite all of the above, the main consumer kriptovalyutnyh assets remains Darknet. So, users can gain access to prohibited drugs, viral programs narcotic substances. Because of such “traffic” the authorities are reluctant to legalize kriptovalyutnyh operations and prospects for the use cryptocurrency as a national means of payment gradually pose.

 Due to the fact that transactions in the digital currency inherent anonymity and decentralization, by means of such a transaction can be carried out financing of terrorism, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

 According to experts, the only way to turn cryptocurrency in the tender is to establish uniform rules for the global regulation of the market and the introduction of licensing for companies that are willing to take cryptocurrency as means of payment. In addition, the need to maintain tight control on the part of law enforcement agencies for this kind of transaction.

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